Electric Castle: How to get there

Electric Castle: How to get there

Electric Castle is closer. Closer.


See below how to get there: https://electriccastle.ro/festival-info/getting-there


Electric Castle takes place on Banffy’s Castle domain, in Bontida, Cluj, Romania. Bontida lies in Transylvania at 30 km from Cluj-Napoca. There are various ways to get there, but we strongly advise you to use our shuttle buses or the train.

By Bus

There will be regular buses, all day and night long, leaving from Horia Demian Sports Hall and Iulius Mall. At return, the buses will stop in Piata Marasti and Horia Demain Sports Hall. The last bus will leave Bontida on Monday at 13:00. Tickets can be bought from the bus stations using the RFID wristband or cash.

You can choose to travel to Electric Castle via the train station of Cluj-Napoca. From there, you can either:

By Train

1. Take the train to Bontida station.
any train that passes Bontida, will stop there.

2. Take the tram 101 or 102 to Horia Demian Sports Hall or take bus 9 to Memorandumului, then bus 25 to Iulius Mall.
From these two locations, shuttle service will get you to the festival grounds.

By Plane

We recommend you to fly to Cluj-Napoca Airport (airportcluj.ro) (30 km from the festival site). From the airport, you can take either a transfer shuttle or a taxi that will get you to the festival site. For the return trip, you can use one of our buses to get to the airport. For the transfer shuttle please make a reservation here:

By Plane

We strongly advise you to use our shuttle buses! Drivers are recommended to take the more direct route to the festival from their point of departure. This will help spread the arrivals and departures out and cause fewer traffic queues. From Cluj-Napoca there are three routes:

1. Cluj-Napoca – Bulevardul Muncii – E576 – Bontida
2. Cluj-Napoca – Cluj Airport – E576 – Bontida
3. Cluj-Napoca – Cluj Airport – Apahida – E576 – Bontida

The graph below shows the expected grade of traffic jams on the roads, based on our experience from previous years. If you hate congestions, avoid arriving at EC during the hours in yellow or take the bus/train.